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ess ■efforts in p○roviding globa〓

i●ng on to

t○he wrong cou〓rse

l solutions ○to maintainin〓g cyber

," said the


securit■y. "The Chinese Go〓vernme

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ged the Can〓adian s

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ide to treat

○ China's stance ●

heft by any com○pany, nor is anyo●

Collect from /

鬶e United

ne authoriz●ed by law or regul◆ation

States, ◆he

to for●ce enterpri●ses to instal〓l back doors."●Citing the f◆act that, over the p■ast 30 yea●rs, there has ●never b

een any evi◆dence s

said.Please ○sc

howing that ○Huawei has○ ever done a〓nything to u■ndermine the nati◆onal security of〓 any country, t●he ambassador ca

lle●d on Britain ○

an the QR● Code t

to "pursue an● independent 〓policy base■d on its natio○nal interest■s, instead of dri●fting along with◆ others."To an

s◆wer the qu〓estio

o foll

n of "ho●w to respond to● the hyped

  • ow u■s on
  • Instagram■Pl
  • ease s
  • can● the QR
  • Code t?/span>
  • 鰋 follow
  • u■s on Wechat
  • Chine?/span>
  • 駍e envoys ?/span>
  • 餾ay fab

ricated ◆

●allegation against 〓Huawei," Li■u

accusation a

g●ainst Huawe

i● harmful

to free○,

fair comp


hinese envo●ys

said, "I belive〓 the UK has to d■eci

say fabrica?/span>
餿ed accus
ation〓 agains

t Huawei● harmf


ul t■o free,


fair ●competi




say fabri◆cate

d accu

de whet■her it wants to see◆ China's

s●ation agai〓n

st Huawei ha○rmful to f●ree, fair

develo〓pment as an○ opportunity or ◆a threat."Accor●ding to the e◆dited transcri●pt

of an intervie〓w w


28-■2019 14:05 BJT●LONDON/BRUSSE○

ith The Financia●l Times provided by ◆the Chinese Mission ●to the EU on S○unday night,

○ Zhang said he doe

LS, Jan. 27 

; --○ Senior Chinese di〓plomats in

s ■not think ●the securit●y story of● Huawei "has● anything to do wi●th security, an

d th●e so-called s?/p>

? accus

p●rotectionism wit○h a political 〓s

ation agains

t◆ Chinese t■e

ense. That i◆ndicates a pushback ■ag


  • story◆ of Huawei," and ○this goes again■st free and fair co○mpetition.■In the article,● Liu noted the○ "needless anxiety"● over and "a b●a
  • n in some countries●" on companies suc●h as Huawei."If■ left unchecked,■ they could di■srupt market r○ules, underm○ine compan●y confidence
  • , p〓oison busin●ess cooperation, an●d cause uncertaint■ies and instabil●ities in the world e■conomy," he● wrote.The se■nior diplom
  • at sai〓d Huawei UK has ●made an import○ant contribution t●o the economi●c and soci●al progress of i◆ts host coun●try over th◆e past five ●year
  • s by brin◆ging 2 bil○lion pounds to Brita■in through inve○stment and procu〓rement and◆ creating 7,500 j◆obs, making a name◆ for it
  • self as ●a provider o○f high-qua○lity products an●d services.In the p●ast process of i○ts cooperation with○ British partners,〓 he wrot


  • e,■ Huawei ha■s expanded■ its global reach〓 and adapted to inte■rnational standards■, while in the fu■ture, Huawei ha〓s much to contribu●te t
  • o the l○ong-term develop○ment of Bri■tain's telecom○munications industr〓y."Having p■ledged a fur〓ther 3 billi〓on pounds to investm●ent and pr●
  • ocurement in the U○K in the coming fi○ve years, Huawei wil■l continue to p●lay an active〓 role in IT ap〓plication in th○is country -●- a vote of confid●ence in the ec●onomic pro■spects of the UK○ as it le
  • aves t■he EU," sa○id Liu."To make thi■s vote count, t■he UK must r〓emain commi■tted to openness a■nd cooperati●on and provide○ a fair and non-di?/li>
  • criminatory busin◆ess environ○me
  • nt for Huawei and■ other Chinese ◆enterpri

ses," he〓 s

alization,"○ Zhang said."Suc○h a mov

aid.On the co●ntrary of posing an○y threat to the coun■try, Liu s

e is ●trying to turn a b?/p>

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